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Go-Getter Tree Service is Northern Kentucky’s premier and most affordable tree service.  We offer pricing for multiple service options on all estimates. Contact Us for a free estimate by an ISA certified arborist

  • Our highly experienced and trained employees are equipped to handle any emergency tree service you may need.  A damaged or falling tree creates a very dangerous and risky situation. Protect your family and property by calling us immediately. We will respond promptly and if there is imminent danger, we will quickly take care of the problem for you.
  • In situations where you are concerned about the viability of a tree, our certified arborist will assess your tree and provide an analysis of its current health. Before making a decision to remove or trim your tree, consult our tree experts

Tree Removal Service

Stump Grinding

  • If you’re sick of having unsightly tree stumps dotting your land, call us today for affordable, prompt stump grinding.
  • Stump grinding is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of stumps from property without damaging the ground and it allows for quick re-use of the space immediately following the process.
  • Stump grinding is done with specialized equipment to chip and grind the stump down to nothing!

Tree Pruning

  • Pruning and tree trimming is essential for a tree’s overall health. It also simply makes your tree look good!
  • Some reasons for trimming trees include distributing the weight and balance of the tree, removing dead wood, helping to elevate the canopy of a tree, ensuring proper wind flow and sun throughout the tree or improving a view or overall aesthetics.
  • And, sometimes a tree must be trimmed to keep it from doing damage to property or structures.

Tree Health Services

Fertilization Services

An annual tree fertilization is a great way to maintain the health and vigor of your trees. Tree fertilizer provides the 3 macronutrients required for growth and metabolic functions. Healthy trees are more resistant to stress,, disease and pests.  Soil injection with a root feeder probe puts fertilizer below turf grass roots where trees benefit the most. Additionally there is some aeration from injection, lessening soil compaction. Plus, fertilization speeds the recovery and wound closure of pruned trees.

Tree Cabling

Sometimes trees can benefit from structural support. In cases where a tree is well suited to an area, or is planted by an ancestor, or just well-loved, cabling can hold a tree together and prevent the loss of a limb or splitting of a double trunk.

Firewood Sales

  • Go-Getter Tree Service delivers the highest quality firewood products and services in the Northern Kentucky area
  • Logs are cut from 14-20 inches to fit any standard fireplace and we offer a variety of wood types to keep your fire going and smelling great!
  • Contact us for a cord or half cord of seasoned firewood with free delivery within our service area